Which of the following accounts will be included in a post minus closing trial balance?

Which of the following accounts will be included in a post-closing trial balance?

Group of answer choices

  • Accumulated Depreciation-Building (answer)
  • Rent Expense
  • Interest Expense
  • Service Revenue

Step-by-step explanation


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Among the choices, Accumulated Depreciation-Building is included in a post-closing trial balance. A post-closing trial balance does not contain revenue, expense, gains, losses and summary accounts (temporary accounts). This is prepared after closing entries are made at the end of accounting period to bring temporary accounts to zero balances and transfer their balances to permanent accounts. The purpose of post – closing trial balance is to verify that the total debit balances equals the total credit balances. 

Temporary Accounts: 

  • Rent expense
  • Interest expense
  • Service revenue

(Temporary accounts above are cleared to zero by closing entries, post-closing trial balance will include only real or permanent accounts: assets, liabilities and equity)