[Answered] what are two advantages of the procurement integrated enterprise environment

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What are two advantages of the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment?

  • Improves data quality
  • Reduces DoD operating costs
  • Reduces instances of purchase card fraud
  • Ensures invoices are submitted on time


  • Improves data quality
  • Reduces DoD operating costs


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What is Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment

Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment incorporates team structures, processes and technologies that connect devices, applications, and data from all over the place in a firm’s or business’s IT. 

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Other advantages of E-procurement

  • Visibility– E-procurement provides a firm with centralized admittance to all of the firm’s data. It helps in tracking down an invoice or PO and assesses metadata to locate areas where a firm can enhance its processes.
  • Control– E-procurement mechanism permits wider flexibility and control over each feature of the buying process.
  • Saves Money– E-Procurement typically saves an organizations time and majority of the firms saves billions of money every year via declined fraudulent expenditure, reduced headcount, and taking benefit of early reimbursement discounts.